12/12/2018 at 6:00 a.m.

    New Terrain Options Are Here!

    New snowscape terrain options are now available to use when customizing your campsite!

    These new terrain items will transform your campsite into a winter wonderland with trees glittering with lights and a sparkling sheet of snow on the ground!

    ■ Background
    · snowscape (back)

    ■ Middle Ground
    · snowscape (middle)

    ■ Foreground
    · snowscape (fore)


    · To customize your campsite's terrain, check the screen in the Arrange menu.
    · The ability to customize your campsite's terrain is unlocked when you reach level 13.
    · Leaf Tickets are required to purchase snowscape (back), snowscape (middle), and snowscape (fore).
    · New terrain options will appear in the game on a regular basis.