31/5/2018 at 6:00 a.m.

    New Cookie Available!

    A new type of fortune cookie is now in stock at the Fortune Cookie Shop!

    Introducing Lily's hydrangea cookie!

    This cookie is packed full of furniture and clothing that are perfect for the rainy season!

    Spotlight Furniture

    The featured furniture item is the hydrangea gazebo!

    By getting this item and fulfilling the animals' requirements, you can view a special memory starring Lily, Agnes, and Pietro.

    What are they up to, gathered around the gazebo like that?

    Item List

    ■ Furniture in Lily's hydrangea cookie:
    · hydrangea gazebo
    · rain cloud
    · rainbow arch
    · hydrangea tricycle
    · ribbit puddle
    · garden path
    · hydrangea hedge

    ■ Clothing in Lily's hydrangea cookie:
    · hydrangea hat
    · ribbit raincoat
    · hydrangea dress


    From 31/5/2018 at 6:00 a.m. to 30/7/2018 at 5:59 a.m.


    · Fortune cookies available in the shop are random, and the selection rotates daily.
    · Fortune cookies on rotation can be acquired with Bells.
    · There is a limit to how many fortune cookies can be acquired with Bells each day.
    · Items contained in each fortune cookie vary. Each item is awarded randomly based on a fixed percentage that can be checked beforehand.
    · When opening a fortune cookie, it is possible to get an item you already received from a previous fortune cookie.
    · The item contained in each fortune cookie is randomly determined before you open it. Therefore, closing the app while opening the cookie won't affect which item you receive.
    · When you get a fortune cookie from an animal, the item it contains is determined immediately and will not change, no matter how long the fortune cookie remains in your inventory.
    · If your inventory is full, the item from your cookie will be sent to your mailbox and will be saved for a maximum of 30 days from when the cookie was opened. You will need to collect the item from your mailbox within that time, or the item will be lost.
    · Some fortune cookies can be obtained with Leaf Tickets any number of times.
    · Some fortune cookies are available for a limited time.
    · Items obtainable via fortune cookies may become available again in the future.
    · Stamps are only awarded when fortune cookies are obtained with Leaf Tickets.
    · The number of full stamp cards required to trade for each item varies.
    · The trading period varies for each item that can be acquired with stamp cards.