1/5/2018 at 6:00 a.m.

    Maple and Tom Are Here!

    New animals are here!

    We've also added some of their favorite furniture.

    Craft an animal's favorite items, and you can host him or her at your campsite. They might even ask you to craft one of the following items! (You can also get crafting materials from completing Timed Goals.)

    ■ Maple
    Unlockable item: Papa bear (variation: yellow tweed)

    ■ Tom
    Unlockable item: sushi platter

    ■ Shari
    Unlockable item: flashy-flower sign

    ■ Wendy
    Unlockable item: ice-cream case

    ■ Jitters
    Unlockable item: foosball table


    · New animals and furniture will appear in the game at regular intervals.
    · New animals may not appear until you reach a certain level.
    · New furniture may not be available to craft until you reach a certain level.
    · To host new animals at your campsite, you will need to fulfill their special requests.